My FIRST version of my custom loading screen. You like?
Any feedback/suggestions are welcome and appreciated. I’m glad I finally figured how I was to make and post it on my website. But that’s all done.
I haven’t yet decided to use this for my loading screen. But anyways, tell me what you think.

It seems plain. And it also seems like

<img src='loading.png'>

is all the original work you’ve done on it.

Well, I’ll say this now because it seems you’ve taken me for a good coder or something. I’ve had no experience with things like this. What I did, was used the source code from the original loader, made my own picture. Added my own… “Phrases” Iunno. But this took me a while to do. At least 2 hours. But now I know it. And could probably re do my whole thing in an hour. I feel as a “coding noob” This was a decent accomplishment. As I said, I used the original loader for a help/boost. Thank you, Mr. Ignorant.

I never said it was stupid or that you were incompetent. I’ll give some advice now.

At the bottom of the image, you have “Rip off loading screen by Tibbers :P”. It looks like you were trying to get this at the bottom of the page (below the loading text). If that’s what you want then putting it in the image is more difficult than just putting

<center><b>Rip off loading screen by Tibbers :P</b></center>

below your loadingtext div element.

And as far as starting out coding goes, it’s probably a better approach to sacrifice fanciness so that you can actually do all the work yourself, rather than piggybacking off of work that’s already been done. It’ll help you learn better.

Ok. The only reason I did use that script is because I’m just new. I’ll learn from it. Someone linked me there and suggested I start from that. Also, “Rip off loading screen by Tibbers :P” Is actually just in the picture. I didn’t really intend on putting it elsewhere. However, thanks for pointing it out. I may use it for my next one.

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Anyway, I’m going to try and fully redo this now. I shall be back later with an update. Thanks for your input, btw.

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First simplistic update.

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