My first walker robot.

Well I have never been very succesful in making a working walker but I finally decided to give it a try, and i succeded!

It does use ballons, because I can not figure out how to do it without them. Also sorry for the short legs but I was expecting it to be smaller…

See it’s not horrible…

A lot bigger then he looks…

Drivers seat.

Controls: 4 left arm 6 right arm.

      7 left leg 9 right leg.

      8 forward.

      1 turn left 3 turn right.

Notes: You should hit 7, 9 in a pattern and hold 8 down when walking, Also takes a bit to learn to walk good.

Save: none unless enough people want one.

Looks like a standing headcrab with long arms… 5-1+2-2.

I hate your tricky scores…

Sigh, any more replys.

Good job, better than anything I could’ve done. 4’d.

Thanks. I feel much better now that I have figured out how to build walkers. I will most likely do a better one soon.

It’s alright, not that great though, looks kind of plain and sloppy.

Well that was not a big concern to me, It was just more like a break through to me.

I give you a 4. It looks nice. Did you use a tutorial ? If so could you please give me an address ?

I doubt he used a tutorial.

No way. I can never figure themout anyway. Plus I am to lazy.

60% out of the full score, because it can walk.
Now make something with weapons, looks, and function.

Nice robot.

I am nearly finished with my new robot it has knee and elbow joints. I am thinking of giving one hand a laser sword.

I’ve always liked robots, great job mate.

woot dats awesome lol 5/5 ahahaha woot

Nice, a robot that doesn’t look like it was built with spare parts!

I you like this, Then your really going to like my new one :).

They almost look the same snoopy.

Looks good, functions well too.

what. the. fuck. Get. The. Fuck. Out. How can you even see it? Pictures look broken for me :S Anyways, what was I saying? oh yeah, get out.