My first work there

Whoa, the atmosphere its awesome.
I think the rebels are npcs but w/e the atmoshere and the ricochets are quite nice.

Posing on the dead girl needs some work and the tracer of the strider shouldnt be green.

Also go easy with the bloom.

No<they are ragdols lol, i pose them 5 minutes)

not so bad as first time
too heavy contrast. but nice

Really really nice for a first.

Great atmosphere,
Posing is fairly OK,
Camera angle is pretty good,

Pretty good for a first picture.

Tone the contrast down though and make sure you save your pictures at the highest quality because the jpeg compression here is pretty horrible.

Sorry for my bad english,i 'am russian)

Too brown.

Also the actual image quality is pretty bad (as in, very dithered).

Lol, thats a guy :smiley:

really good for your first time

А, и ты здесь! :smiley: Hello, my friend!
Haven’t seen ‘vk’ this picture of yours 0_o great!

‘My first work there’ - you mean ‘here’? It isn’t your first gMod-shot :slight_smile:

Hi)Yeah you understand right)

Filter Rape kind of and it isn’t bad for a first but it is at the same time if you get what i mean.