My first work...

My first work Please comment.

( Sorry for the multiple posts. this is my first time )

There’s no need to make multiple threads for one picture.

Not too bad, except less sharpen. And nobody, especially Nikolai, holds a PPSh like that.

Don’t edit until you can pose.

russian soldiers tommy guns erryday

Yeah, that’s so laughable.
A Russian soldier, a nazi doctor, a Japanese officer and a US marine together fighting against nazi zombies on the other hand is totally understandable.

Your first work needs work, but keep at it.

thats a tommy gun

That is a Thompson Model 1928 not a PPSh.

Let’s get the fuck outta here before rossum comes and critizises everyone for giving Nikolai that Tommy gun

Well I’m not to sure on this (just in case rossmum kicks my arse on this one) but I do believe America or England did send over weapons to the Ruskies during WW2 and they did get some Model1928’s but I can’t be sure on that. Also Nikolai can use a Thompson M1A1 in WaW.

i have yet to seen/heard of any american/british forces give the russians a thompson m. 1928 during the war

Thats why I said I’m not to sure Mr.Beiber

Its funny how everyone mentions that rossmums gonna come in and yell.
Thats an incredibly stupid thing to say.

haha man you spelt bieber wrong… good one!

spelling it wrong wont matter cause people will know what you mean when they see your faggotry avatar

good spelling on you’re

are you having some problems? people dont give a shit what my avatar is aslong as it isnt porn because thats one of the avatar rules for FP

not only that but calling my avatar faggotry isnt even trying to me, youre just making yourself look stupid because you cant say something about me :unsmith:

Before you start a shitpost debate about the use of correct grammar. You’d be better off actually using capitalization and punctuation.

Jon Irenanus, the only posts I’ve seen from you recently are shit posts and flame, kindly shut the fuck up.

im not complaing about grammar, im complaining about spelling

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its jon irenicus :downs: