My Fortified Base

My Base

There is no way to c4 the walls, just the metal doors. This is one of my three houses on the server I’ve been playing on. I figured the labyrinth of large spike walls on top and bottom will make it difficult for raiders to penetrate…especially when they are getting grenades throw at them via one of the doors.

Just wanted to see what you guys thought of it. I’ve spent 50+ hours on this game and really never tried to fortify a place.

Nice Work.But the Decay of the Spikes would be a problem.

I wont run the whole day about the map and farm wood to repair the spikes.

you spent all these wood spikes and metal doors to fortify one base that is 1x1 ???

waste of resources…

Those spiked walls aren’t too hard to break. Just don’t think you’re invincible…

I’m so very confused, is this guy serious? If you throw a grenade, you’ll be killing your own spikes, and they can easily shoot you, or drop from above… or build over them.

You literally trapped yourself inside.

bro… How hard is it? 2 ppl hatch down the spike wall in 30-60 sec

I hate to say this but your base is probably much more likely to get raided now than it was before you placed all those spike walls.

If someone has enough materials to get all those spike walls… they GOTTA have other things as well. Without the spike walls… they may have missed the shelter completely. With those spike walls… it advertises you have been here a long time.

You wasted around 1000+ wood on a 1x1. If I see a 1x1 with that many spikes I automatically assume it has lots of items in. Also, they can easily be walked round if you’re not online and 2 c4 will blow a door.

rock on man. You should put up that base, fortify it and then never put anything in it!

People learn from trial and error. This game teaches people how to be secure, it will help make them question the safety and layout of their structure. He’ll learn.

Agreed, Kcampbell. I slowly learned what was good and bad through trial-and-error. I think I am on my 6th main house currently, although I have several scattered throughout the map as backups.

You don’t even have Barricades on-top of the spike traps so they wont decay quickly.

It may look 1x1 to you…That’s the beauty of this spot. It’s 2x1.

he spent 50 hours
i wonder what he can do with 100 hours :dance::quagmire::zoid:

This was a serious conversation I had with my friend while building it. Also…after 50+ hours on this game nothing is safe, I know this.

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I have played the game for 50 hours…not this project.

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I didn’t even know about barricades on top … oh and I got most of the wood from a sleeper.

My 20 floor building is safe I guarantee you that. Good luck destroying 40 metal doors

Bahahahah, genius. Fuck over all the bandits. I’ve been thinking about making a small base that was a bitch to bother with, one that would confuse bandits and make them think there was more than meets the eye when there really wasn’t :wink:

Sometimes is just better to make a plane ass shack in sight of your main base to keep stuff :wink:

If you read my post, you’d know I have two other bases.