My Fretta gamemode doesn't show up.

I’m new at lua and shit so it’s probably something obvious I overlooked, but the problem is this:

I made a simple, class-based gamemode, and I put its folder in ‘‘gamemodes’’. Yet, it doesn’t appear in the gamemode list when I start up GMod.

I have absolutely no idea what could cause this, as I see nothing wrong in the scripts. Does anyone have a vague idea of what could be the problem?

Thanks in advance.

did you put an info.txt like for addons, but modified it for gamemode use?


you need to put it in gamemodes/yougamemode/info.txt

Just type the name of the gamemode’s folder name into the gamemode selection box and it will load fine.

Yes, it did appear in the list now- however, there didn’t seem to be any team or class selection screen, I just spawned with HL2DM default weaponry. I will experiment for a while now, and see if I can get it working.

You have to derive it from ‘fretta’

It did from the start…

Odd, it still doesn’t work :\

Check your console, appearing with HL2DM weapons is sure sign of a synatax error in most cases. Go get that error and fix that bug