My friend can't play with me!

Today a friend and me were going to play gmod, but he say the server is not responding.
Also, it happen with TF2.

Anyone helps?


I can’t join in his servers: “connection failed after 4 retryes”

You need to give him your external IP.

My computer’s IP?

If your talking about starting your own server check out this forum thread-

And yes you need your external ip meaning 99.XXX.XXX.XXX.XX whatever, you can find that here- So for the person to join your server they would have to go in console and type “connect 99.XXX.XXX.XXX.XX”.

It doesn’t work for most people because you need to port forward (word that most people don’t know). So your best bet is to have 2 “Good” computers with “Good” internet and run srcds. You can also find that info on this page- or Youtube (“how to make a gmod server with srcds”).

I have my own srcds (dedicated) server and once you get all the files downloaded it’s just a matter of adding addons, fixing the cfg files, motd, admin control. If you know someone good with this stuff I’m sure he would be glade to be admin for free on your server and help you for free. Also there is a way to just buy a server but you probably wouldn’t be into that.


I just remembered! If it’s only your friend just download this- the program allowes you and the others using it (that are in “your room”) to connect to you when you start any LAN server. So make an account, download it, Start a room up, Tell your friend and then just make sure to check the “Local Server” box in gmod and leave hamachi2 running with your friend in as well. Or for TF2 when your on the server you made just go in console and type “sv_cheats 1; sv_lan 1; sv_cheats 0” (copy and past) It will also work for gmod if you forgot to check that box.

Again though, this is only if you wanna play with a small group and everyone MUST have hamachi2 and be in your “Room”. Also to join the server it should show up under the “LAN” servers tab when search for a server

Hamachi doesn’t work, there’s an error:
(spanish) “El servidor de hamachi ha denegado su petición de conexión”
sorry can’t translate