My friend got a free key and I just don't have the money.

I really want a rust key, Ive been watching my friend play if for a couple days and it looks so fun, trust me if I had the money I would put money towards it but I just don’t have it. I really want to play it. I know it’s unlikely that I’ll get a rust key from one of you but if you do and play Team Fortress, I’ll give you every hat and Item I own. and Ill give you my steam trading cards if you want. I just want a rust key.

(User was banned for this post ("Key begging" - postal))

Do you think you’re the first person to try this?

Not at all. Trust me I went through the forums.

Oh, well in that case, I’m sure it will work.

Oh for sure. :l

So if you’ve been through the forums and seen people get ridiculed to the max for posting this sort of stuff and clearly it hasn’t worked for any of them, why would it work for you?

To be honest, its because I don’t have 150 dollars to blow on a game in alpha. So I’m desperate. Plus, I can deal with being ridiculed. Oh well. So i’m just going for it.

start selling crack. I’m sure you’ll have the 150 to buy a key in no time. Or you’ll get shot. So it’ll be like real life rust, and you won’t need the game anyways!

I already got shot by my crackdaddy :confused:

have they stopped banning for asking for rust keys?

I guess not.

It irks me when people reply with a quote but the quote is beneath their reply.

Well you better get used to being ridiculed because you’re looking like one of the “I want the game and I want it NOW” kind of kids.

Calm down.
Take a deep breath and wait for it to come out.

Patience is a lost trait these days :confused:

That sucks?

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I thought it would be fun to ridicule people, right?