My friend is putting his right password and username but he is pressing log in and nothing happens

in the title need help!

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need help!

I have a problem similar to this.
Maybe He has an error in his password?

no he has every thing right

I am also getting this problem. :confused:

is he using internet explorer? i tried to play this with Ie and it didnt work, however when i used chrome to play this it worked

Check the JS console in Chrome (ctrl+shift+j). When you log in (or fail to log in) it should spit out a reason why. You probably have incorrect login info.

Also I’m pretty sure the ‘00000000’ accounts from yesterday were deleted.

I had a 00000000 account so this may be why.

‘000000’ are still there but there was limit : 1 account per ip adress from what i have found.
So if you had already account or created another one for friend it wont work.