My Friend is so good the admin had to ban him to keep players

My friend is so good we held off 30 people swarming our house, so it was a 4 v 30 and we won. He killed 17 people and 14 of them with head shots. The admin had to ban us four for hacking even though when the VAC ban wave came out nothing happened to us and if we weren’t banned off of the only South African server everyone would leave LOL. Rust is to easy. xXx420_Shrekt_iT_Laddies_xXx #South Africa #1v1meRust #ezpz

(User was banned for this post ("dumb thread, missed the servers subforum" - postal))

why u lie

Really, no one cares.
Just search for another server. :]

Guess what? No one gives a shit. All you get out of it is bragging rights and a server ban.

I live in an aids infested rat hole at the tip of Africa, there is only one server and the server files are locked up more than Mr. Krabs’s secret Crabby Patty formula

and what’s your point attention w****?

Just curious, but why do you even have Gold Membership?
Sure not for your humbleness.

1v1 me Rust noob, I am the best Rock Fighter in my tribe

Thats Rust, not CoD kiddo.

Hmmm… June 2013.

I’m gonna guess he got fooled along with the rest into buying Gold in order to access the (now-dead) Rust key thread in the Gold forums.

[quote=“Wyvyrias, post:9, topic:155811”]

Thats Rust, not CoD kiddo.[/Q
My friend and I actually play Prem CoD thats why we got banned for being to good you know, no need to be jelly