My Friend the Mac User.

My friend wanted Gmod because he saw me play it a lot and he loves it. He is using 10.7.3 and he can’t find his addon folders or anything like that I looked to not find anything to my dismay so I am wondering where did all his base files go. I can’t even find app support. Tell me what did he fuck up this time?

To those who want it I give you this.
click beta I love me to bits.

Type ~/Library in go to folders, and then go to application support/steam/steam apps/your steam account name/garrys mod/garrys mod/addons

That’s how you do it on lion (10.7.3).

Also to find the go to folder go to the task bar at the top of the screen and there should be a little bar that says go. Scroll over that and it should say go to folder.

I have done that but the App support is not there.

I use all three major OS’s. I know my shit.