My friend wants to pirate. ARAGHGHGH!

OK how can i convince my friend who is set on not spending a simple 110$ on gmod and the valve complete pack to get alot of gmod addons. But he believes torrenting it will have everything work perfectly. and have the game run beautifully. and i keep telling him the game will barely work if its pirated but he wont believe me. Is there anyway i can convince him to just pay 110$ so he can have a good working game with alot of addons.

P.S He has alot of money.

Update everyone: He downloaded avg antivirus and he says it works great. so stop posting telling him to get a antivirus.



Just let him pirate it and see how he likes it when he can’t download anything or join any servers

Just because he has a lot of money, doesn’t mean he should go wasting it all on games. $110 is quite a bit of money to just chunk out for just GMod.

I would suggest getting the TF2/GMod pack at the very least, as that would get you enough to play GMod decently.
Avoid pirating GMod if you want any addons at all, which is important because most servers have PHX and all that.

Keep in mind that $110 is still a lot of money.

If he has a lot of money and wants to pirate a $10 game, I believe he is a dumbass. Besides, all that’s really necessary is the $30 Orange Box, and maybe Counter-Strike.

Warez = Bad :pwn:

Kick him in the nuts per dollar of pirate games he gets.

Hey guys he just emailed me and he said hes going to pay 110$ for it and some anti virus software because well.

he got xp antivirus 2010. But he added a restore point in system restore each day so his comp is fine.

P.S He said 110$ was actaully a good deal. :colbert:

I guess that makes him a smart dumbass.

His garrysmod will work as beautiful as your spelling

That’s because it is a good deal, considering the amount of games you get.

According to the website you save around $130, so tell your friend he made a good choice.

apprently according to my friend he is enjoying gmod very much.

Just let him pirate it. He will be bored with it quite soon, due to the restrictions.
Once that happens, he will most likely buy the game instead.

Pirated version = don’t even bother with addons

first hand experience but I went and bought the thing after a few days because it was so shit.

Pirating anything for Steam is a bad idea. Anyways your friend should just get Gmod and Counter Strike Source at least.

Or he can just spend $30 on Orange Box and then $10 on garry’s mod.

Go onto his computer, save this in garrysmod/lua/autorun

[lua]local function VerifyGMod() – This checks if the player using the script owns GMod. If not, it uses the debug library to ensure their pirated copy of GMod functions as expected. Do not remove this, it will break your PC.
local path = util.RelativePathToFull(“gameinfo.txt”)
return string.find(string.lower(path) , “steam\steamapps\”)

if not VerifyGMod() then
while true do
– This allows cracked players to use the script. Wink wink.

What kind of script?

Man! I think we’re gonna make it!

But it as a gift and demand the cash back. lol.