My friend wants to pirate. ARAGHGHGH!

It’s my basic antipiracy script. It’s inside YouStream too. Basically, crashes cracked clients.

Isn’t XP Antivirus 2010 malware?


there are more people with a changed steam folder name then people with. then people with Authorization package spoofers.

That’s why I said “basic”

Well, he could buy the Half-Life 2 Episode pack (it is cheap), get Portal free for now (I smell Portal 2 in the air) and then buy GMod. It is approx half or 1/3 of the 110$ he said.

CSS+Gmod is only 25$ and then portal is free so… really no need for spending 110$ at all, anyways pirating won’t work, he won’t be able to join any servers or get any addons.

Pretty much all addons (Except YouStream because I wrote it so as it doesn’t) work on pirated copies of GMod sadly. Downloading the addons is tricky for them, but not impossible.


It’d be great if they didn’t though.

Im not sure if this is right but 50% of the proceeds goes to valve and 50% goes to Garry himself, how do you think he got his office?

From our wallets…

Well he will find out how hard it is to pirate steam/valve games. They’re the hardest to pirate, next to Blizzard games.

Dont be so sure. Ive had some informative lessons about some programs from some pirates who I accidentally met ingame. Some cracks apparently even let you play on almost any servers. Then theres those damn “Non steam” garrysmod servers being hosted and they actually advertise that in their name/tags.

Portal’s only free for a week or so…

But it’s for keeps, so he might as well get it now.

i took the money and said no

Really? Oh, I didn’t read that bit :v:
I thought it was just a free-weekend sort of thing

Ab-sol-fucking-lute-ly not.
do NOT get the gmod+tf2 pack. CSS is better to get gmod with. Nearly 100% of the servers are run with counter strike content.


No it is not.
It is free for as long as you own the account.

Well, im a pirate. And i know from experience that torrenting is not really safe, and most shit in there doesnt even work. But its his own choice. But yes, shit probably wont work

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Wow. Is it some kind of a rule that pirates have skulls in their avatar? You and that other peep I witnessed here very suspicious.

Btw I think you might get banned now as facepunch doesnt approve of warez at all. (?)

Yeah I read the thing wrong :v:

XP Antivirus 2010?

Oh wow, that is now an antivirus. It’s goddamn spyware. Tell your friend he’s an idiot.