My friends can not join my listen server.

I’m hosting a listen server right now but nobody can join. Apparently when my friends try to join, it gets stuck on the loading process and says ‘Connection failed after 4 retries’.

What should I do? I really want to play with my friends.

join them?

You don’t know what I’m talking about, do you?

I’m the only one that knows a bit about portforwarding, and I thought this would be straightforward as hell. Turns out it isn’t. That’s why I’m trying to host. So yes, I’ve already portforwarded ports 27015 and such, typed sv_lan 0, typed heartbeat, let my friends type connect <IP>:27015 but with no results at all. This is starting to piss me off.

i do know what your talking about.
Anyway , are your sure you gave them an EXTERNAL ip , not jus a

I’m SURE I gave them an external ip alright. I didn’t use for no reason.

I’m not that dumb to not know the difference between an external and an internal ip.

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Anyway, thanks for trying to help.

Do you have ports 27015, 27005, and 27039 forwarded?

If so, I’d use a port checker to check the ports. If they are open, run the server and type sv_lan 0. Then reboot the map, and give your friends the external ip. The port number at the end isn’t required unless you used a port which isn’t port 27015. In some cases, steam is known to use 27015. If that’s the case, open port 27016. And in console type hostport 27016 (or something like that). Then give your friends your external IP. So then it’ll be <External I.P>:27016

Thanks for the in-depth explanation! I’ll try that in a few.

I’d recommend Portforward’s Port tool, because if the port is locked by another application, it’ll tell you.

After you’ve set that up, it should work.

And if you decide to use a dedicated you only require ports 27005, and 27015( or another port ) to be open.

Forward your ports.
Make server
Open console
Type: Sv_lan 0 and then type Heartbeat