My Friends' First Poses

I’ve been playing GMod for a few years now and my 2 friends (Helter and Airforce) just got the game off the 50% off deal. I decided to start a server and show them around the game when we decided to make a group pose. Mine is the one on the left with the scout, Airforce in the middle, and Helter on the right. No editing or whatever is done it’s all in-game. Please don’t flame, this was just for fun and wasn’t meant to be serious.

cool, also finger poser.

For first poses they aren’t bad.

Of course need work.

Nothing you can say of the editing, clever changing the guns to white.

Do NOT upload to photobucket because compression rapes.



Whats with the dead body


and the same pose 3 times


only at diff angles

its a curb-stomp

No, it isn’t.

The coloring isn’t hiding the poses.

OOoo!! I gotta try that effect!! (Actually never thought about doing something like this)

Um… no? All my images are uploaded through photobucket, you just got to compress the image in PS, or GIMP BEFORE uploading it.

If you keep the filesize under 1mb, and put the filsizelimit to 1mb (max) in photobucket, you’ll be fine :3
“rape”… lol…
Does it look like it?

That last one looks pretty badass.

how is it not a curb stomp thats how airforce envisioned a curb stomp it might not be a good curb stomp but still

…Nobody cares if it’s a curb stomp or not.

Picture is… OK.
Posing needs to be much better.