My game crashes too much?! HELPZ

My Specs at first, THEY ARE NOT THE PROBLEM… : Intel® Core™2 Duo CPU E7400 @ 2.80GHz (NOT CLOCKED) , 2.8 GHz CPU speed, 2Gig RAM, Win 7, GeForce 9600 GT

Hi, my GMod crashes alot for no reasons!! For Example: Pressing q, selecting a prop or NPC. Eny one Knows why? i really needs help, Im not so much for playing online, this happens offline, but online as well…!

Thanks for helping me!

Any addons?

Have you tried a clean install of Garry’s Mod? (renaming the garrysmod folder)

I would say it might be your RAM if your getting the memory cannot be read error. I got that all the time on my other computer with only 2 gigs of RAM.

I don’t think so. I have 2GB RAM and I usually only crash when there are massive explosions (by which I mean several thousand barrel explosions.) or too much physics going on, like nuking a giant cylinder made of PHX props.

Could you give us what it says when it crashes? Does it say something like “hl2.exe has stopped responding” or is it the mentioned “memory cannot be read” error?