My game freezes after playing for a while

This has been an issue with all my Half-Life 2 based games, not just Garry’s Mod. I can launch and play the game without an issue, but at random points in gameplay ranging from 10 minutes in to a few hours, the game will randomly freeze and stutter for a second, then my video will freeze but I can hear the game continuing to run, as I can move around, interact with menus and such, but my video will be frozen. I have tried alt-tabbing out and back in, but that just makes the video black. I tried updating my Nvidia drivers which didn’t help. Any tips?

Definitely sounds like an issue with your drivers/graphics card. Perhaps you are running out of video memory?

I wish it were that simple. My GPU is a GTX 1080 with 8GB of VRAM, so I think the odds of me running out of VRAM are pretty slim :confused: The odds of this being a performance-related issue are essentially zero, with the rest of my specs being high performance as well