My game have changed its color

So my game is now for colour-blind or something.
Im sure i didnt touch anything. How can i change this?

Is anything else on your computer like this? Check the game preferences.

This only happens on Rust. What do you mean with game preferences?
I looked on Rust config ingame and also on nvidia control panel but i cant find a “change color of the game” or “colour-blind mode” option.

looks like ur gpu is gonna die

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try changing hdmi/dvi cable

Why this would be a reason of that? It only happens on Rust

Im playing on a laptop so i cant do that

Thanks for the answers.

how would a color issue that happens in only one game and can be seen in screenshots probably taken with Steam be caused by a monitor’s output?

In the steam Library, right click rust and click “Preferences” in the little popup menu. Look in there for anything related to your problem.

I cant find any option related. But ive just found that the game works well with directx9.

Maybe reinstall directx 11?

I read up a little bit, that shouldn’t change anything, DirectX only optimizes performance. All I can think of is deleting and reinstalling rust.

I already did that. Uninstall with steam, delete the folder in steamapps/common and install it again.

Thank you so much for your help and sorry for my english.

It’s fine, sorry I couldn’t help.

Is your shit overheating?

Gpu is either overheating or dying. Monitor your temps man.

If the monitor was overheating the all individual pixels would die, not just red ones. If the GPU were to overheat it would shutoff due to a temperature protocol. FactNonVerba said it’s only in Rust, so all red pixels being fed too much voltage and dying is out of the question.

After 10 minutes playing with Rust my gpu reached 79 ºC.
I dont think overheating is the problem. There is no program or game that shows the same problem, only rust.

when was the last time you upgraded your GPU software? is it was very recently try rolling back a driver.

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O what the fuck are your specs?

This worked.

I guess nvidia driver 364.51 somehow made my game look like that.
So now i have 362.00 version.

Thank you all for your help.


Check the color proceduring its seems to be that there is no red.

It looks bitchy AF. I want it!