My game is just broken?

I launched Rust without playing it for a while and I set it to my regular settings. 1920x1080 non windowed and simple. My PC isn’t the best but I have played Rust with atleast 30 FPS before. I launch the game and join a server, after 15 minutes of waiting for the server to load I get in. I am sleeping so I try to wake up, I press a key. Nothing happens. I keep pressing keys. Nothing happens. I notice my game is lagging in the background, soon after I get killed. I click respawn but nothing happens. I relaunch the game curious to as why I was lagging. I literally put the game on its lowest possible settings. Windowed, fastest, lowest resolution, lowest graphics etc. Still can’t wake up, still lagging.

What are your system specs?

NVidia GeForce 840M
Intel i5 2.80 GHz
Not the best, I know.

Make sure Rust is using your 840M. It sounds like it might be hopping onto your Intel HD Graphics instead (this is a common bug with Unity games, not just Rust). Load up Rust but don’t go into a server, and check what graphics card it’s using.

Sorry it took so long to reply some guys were doing work in my area so my internet was down. I’ve loaded up Rust but I can’t find where it says what it’s using. I’m going to guess that’s right because I’ve had that issue with other games before.
EDIT: Nevermind, found out it was and changed it using the NVidia control panel. Thanks for the help!