My game is really bugged!

Hello, i bought Rust the other day and EVERY time i go on a server for atleast 5 minutes i can’t do anything. I try get wood…I can’t i can hit the tree/log and nothing happens, i can hit stone…Nothing happens…I try search a bad or anything…Nothing happens i leave and come back it just repeats it’s self. I have tried reinstalling, validating files and all that. Nothing works, i searched Google and nothing, i have spoke to some friends i met on Rust and they said they have never heard of this. Please help!! I want to play this game but i can;t!!

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“I try and search a bag**”

What is your internet speed? It sounds like you are lagging and not keeping up with the server.

you could try playing on a server near you

if you’re from australia, try an australian server

My internet speed is: 1 GB/ps and i am Australian and play on Australian Server’s.

Bullshit you get a gig a second in Australia. Even with the NBN (which Abbott has postponed for another 5 years) the speeds will only be like 25mbps. I’m sitting here with 150kbps currently.

the hosting company or the server you play on could have been ddos’d
so its unplayable a while.
would change server if the lag stays.