My game screen will stuck 1 sec in every 12 sec, how can i fix it?

When I was in the Game, my game graphic will stuck every 12 second. each time will maintain 1 second, the sound will repeat like 3 times.

It’s pretty annoying and I always got killed in hunting and gunfight because of it.

I tried everything including update the graphic card driver, clean out more hard disk space, lower the resolution. But still didn’t work.

There is something I have to mention that my computer is absolutely advance enough. So that’s not a hardware problem.

Did you guys have any same problem and how could you guys fix it? Thanks for answering.

PC specs please?

try disabling your realtek audio device

yeah, i try to disable it and it works. But my sound was gone,too. How can i keep my sound?

Barry im not sure about what is actually causing this but this is what i found after quick search about realtek.

Also if you havent already done so, try upgrading your audio card drivers. :slight_smile: