My game slowed down after recent update... :(

Ive been playing on rust for quite a while now and Ive been using full graphics and full everything on the game options in the visuals and i was running around 90 fps. After the new update that came out today, my MSI Afterburner tells me that i still running around 90 fps on the top right but it feels more like 40-45 fps. Mostly there is fps drop when i run around and turn my body (look around). Maybe its because of the new version of Unity that the game uses? (Unity 5.3.2.p1) i have the msi gtx 970 and the i7-4790K Intel CPU. And i have 16 gigs of ram which is a bit too over kill. All the other updates and patches were fine for me. I hope im being descriptive enough. Thank you.

same during sunrise and sunset i get a huge fps drop as well I normally get above 100, and during sunrise and set it drops to about 45