My gamemode won't show up when people download it

I’ve made a functioning gamemode and when people download it from the workshop it won’t show up on their gmod client when they try to change gamemode (bottom right)

I was wondering if there’s some special code I need to add and if so where do I add it?

Any help would be appreciated just tell me what files you need to see and i’ll put them on pastebin

I think you possible may need to put “workshopid” “IDNUMBER” in the .txt file

I know where to put the workshop id number but where can I find it?

If I recall, it’s at the end of the URL for your item’s steam workshop page

I’ve updated it and it still won’t come up I think I need to somehow get it into the gamemodes folder

How have you currently got the folder laid out on the steam workshop? Make sure the filepaths are correct. So for example, ADDONAME/gamemodes/addonname.txt with all the other stuff.