My gamemode

I’ve uploaded a gamemode onto gmod and I can’t make it appear on the gmod client but when I had originally uploaded it would work

I think it might be something to do with the layout of the gamemode that I upload
I’ve put the layout at

I know I don’t need so many runner.txts’s but I don’t know where it goes

	"title"		"Runner"
	"maps"		""
	"menusystem"	"1"

I already have that in the runner.txts

“base” “base”
“title” “Runner”
“maps” “”
“menusystem” “1”
“workshopid” “201784388”




You can remove some vars since you don’t use them.

    "base"	 "base"
    "title"	 "Runner"
    "menusystem"	"1"
    "workshopid" "201784388"

And the only .txt you need is the one near logo.png and icon24.png

still won’t work

Show addon.json.

I’ve got a program were u put the details in and it creates a temporary .json and then deletes it

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“title” : “Runner”,
“type” : “gamemode”,
“tags” : [“cartoon”,“fun”],
“ignore” : [".psd", ".vcproj", “.svn”,"*.db"]

I was able to copy it before it got deleted
I’ve added the .db to stop the Thumbs.db issue