My Garry's Mod Community

My Garry’s Mod Community

Well., it looks like I am in a bit of a problem.
Me and a few dedicated Garry’s Mod players are opening our own community with a website and forums ect…
So far we have the website design and the forums ready [Apart from the “Domain”] and we have also order a dedicated server for the servers [ready in 2 weeks].

Now here is the problem, after getting all the ready we done have a name for the community…
and yes I know the should have been the first thing to do.
What we need help with is thinking of a name [We are hopeless, you don’t want to hear the name we came up with]


lol No thanks.


Come on there are a few things that are simply awsome

Melons, Coconuts, Penguins, turkeys, puffins, and tacos

Woffle-Clan, Everyone loves woffles

Something related to building as Garrysmod is basically a sandbox game.

Nice ideas but no fruit.

Virtual Rain? I mean, that’s ok.

My god… Why didnt I think of that.

Da melonz of DOOOM

Melon’s world

Everyone loves melons.

Forsaken Phi
Fanta Party
The Dreamscape

melony melons

Flyin Penguins
Penguins rule


cookie palace? ^^


Fuckin’ artistic, please.

Stop with the damn Melon names. Damn you all seem fixated on the things.

Where do these melons even come in…?

But melons are awsome…
I like the cookie 1 though