My Garry's Mod Gallery.

Some of my shitart.
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or at least resize them.

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I don’t know what it is with people and rendering at 4k when a smaller resolution works just as fine.

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Now that we can see them, looks pretty good. Glad you shared these with us.

what the fuck are you doing

who needs PNGs of that size

are you playing the game on a goddamn IMAX screen


the pics themselves aren’t bad though

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reminds me of hifi-obssessed audiophiles tbh

Contrary to popular belief, bigger != better when it comes to images. Literally had a huge argument with my friend because he’s obsessing over a 4k camera that costs like $3000.

OT: Pictures are good, don’t need to be that big.

Especially in gmod where things usually end up looking horrible up close. Look at that beautiful tree

that tree would look like shit in sfm too, from the looks of it, it’s got an alphatest shader

Look at your work.
Your work is a-mazing.

“Whether you are here to stay or passing through into parts unknown, welcome, welcome to PNG hell.”

Last pic is great, but honestly, if you take a picture with the ‘poster 2’ command, resize it to at least 2k and save it as a jpg. PNG files are nearly five times as big as a jpg and take a long time to load.