My Garry's mod is bugged Re-installed 4 times, Still bugged.

So, I go to garrysmod it loads up fine but when i go into single try to use the tool gun and it only lets me use the Remover
tool i have selected all the other options in the Q Menu for the tool but it just stays on the Remover tool. I Can’t spawn
props other the ones i have a bind to.

And in Roleplay Game-modes my job doesn’t show up or my money

Please help i have re-installed 4 times now and it is still like this.

If you have any addons installed, they will not be removed by reinstalling through steam, so if this is a problem with a messed up mod, it will persist through re-installs.

Try going to your garrysmod folder and just delete or rename it, when the game is next launched it will re obtain all the important files, and it will be completely fresh.

So essentially, go to "C:\Program Files\Steam\steam apps<Your steam account name> and rename “Garrysmod” to “Garrysmod2” and relaunch the game.

Hopefully this should mean you won’t need to reinstall the game completely.

If it does work, you will find that you will have lost all of your custom content and maps, so you can just go into your garrysmod2 folder and copy any maps and whatnot you desperately need back across. If it breaks again, you should know what did it.

I did what you said, Still got this problem

Problem Solved.

What solved the problem? So as anyone else reading this thread in the future who has the same problem as you will know.

To be honest, i don’t actually know it just suddenly started it work :S