My Garry's Mod is crashing after "Map file wasn't found, copying it from addon.."

So, I have this problem like 2 months and i searched really hard (8 hours) for working it but i think i post here:
So if i go on StarWarsRP servers i often become in the crash-logs this(u most go in the Chat log and cvars)
so i subscribed to the map but i think it tells me that i doesnt have it ?
I hope that someone can help me :cry:

Seems you have an error downloading the map and models

well i have installed the map, should i download the server content?

oh wait i found in the crash-logs that i have memusage 99%

can somebody pls help me?

How much RAM have you got in your computer?

im so dumb man u are right its because i have 2 gb xD i gonna get 4 gb ram thx that you helped me :smiley: