My Garry's Mod Server loads slow on the server browser.

I took a few tests and my server loaded into the server browser at an average time of 27 seconds. I would like to know how I can lower this number so that my server can load as fast as possible . What are the numbers behind load times into the server browser because some servers show up faster than others. Is this due to location of my computer and the location of where my server is hosted? Is it tickrates or sv_region in the server.cfg? I wouldn’t expect these to be it as my server tickrate is 128 and the sv_region is set to 255 which defaults to the whole world or all servers.

I’m also getting this problem. Though it seems mine actually takes a lot longer than 30 seconds, maybe a minute to finally show.
Does anybody know a fix for this issue?

How far away is your server from where you are? For example if your in the UK and your server is hosted in Australia it will takes ages to load, as its the internet, or is the server hosted in the same country/same part of the country for TheNobodycore’s case?

The server browser loads client side so just because it is loading slow for you does not mean that is how it is loading on everyone’s list.

The server is in Chicago, IL and it takes about 27-28 seconds to load. My old server was in Los Angles, CA and it took 1 minute and 37 seconds to load. This is weird though because I live in Sacramento, CA.

I have a similar problem with my server. My server doesn’t even show up in my list even after several minutes.