My garrys mod server promotion Help me promote my server=admin

So yh i not recently made a garrys mod server and its still in beta because of the bugs but its ok theres only like 1 bug and its custom darkRP so yh

Terry’s server

This Server uses the following mods:
ULX, PropDefender, and VMFLoader.


  1. DON’T MESS WITH OTHER PLAYERS STUFF. If they want help, they’ll ask!
  2. Don’t spam.
  3. Use common sense
    • You are an Average Joe.
    • You have no specific role in RP

Body Guard:
• You must be hired to guard/protect.
• You may not legally own a gun unless you are defending a base/shop.
• While defending you are legally allowed to use a pistol, but nothing more powerful
• If caught using anything more powered than a pistol you will be wanted and arrested.
• Weapons must only be used to protect the person who hired you.
• You may not participate in raids, ever.

Police Officer/Chief/SWAT:
• Your objective is to protect and serve.
• You protect all innocent people, and arrest all criminals.
• Your highest priority is dealing with The Syndicate and The Black Hand.
• Being corrupt is not allowed. You may not own printers.
• You may random search based on reasonable suspicion, but you must obtain a warrant first
• You may only build INSIDE the PD or if Chief or SWAT, you may build a road block.

Secret Agent:
• This is now a truly freelance job.
• You MUST fall in with another class (Thief/Gangster/Police/Guard/Gang Member) and type /job to reflect your decision.
• You must have a faction or group to join before becoming SA. This has to be confirmed with the leader.
• Failure to do so will result in a kick.
• Doing /job Thief or /job Criminal is not an acceptable job type.
• You cannot solo raid as a Secret Agent.
• You cannot group raid exclusively with other Secret Agents.

Black Market Dealer:
• You cannot blatantly have a shop or advert.
• You may own an RP shop, but you can be warranted/wanted for it.
• Remember, the items you are selling are ILLEGAL. So do not sell to Police/Mayor.
• If seen wielding or selling illegal weapons you can and will be wanted and arrested.
• You cannot raid, ever.
• You cannot base with anyone. Neither can you sell inside peoples’ bases.

Arms Dealer:
• You sell pistols to the town-folk.
• You buy weapons in shipments, and sell them.
• You can also sell armor and ammo, which you buy in shipments.
• You must have a shop, and be in the shop at all times.
• You cannot raid or be a part of a gang.
• You cannot base with anyone other than maximum 1 guard.

• You are the loved town Doctor.
• It is your job to heal the town’s people when they are injuried or seek aid.
• You can heal for free, or you can charge. The amount you charge is up to you.

• You build a bank, and store items for a fee.
• You are allowed 5 keypads for 5 safes.
• You are only allowed to have two guards, not base with anyone else.

• You are the town Lawyer
• Your job is to fight for the rights of the citizens who get arrest (after a hefty fee of course).
• Players can PM or /advert to hire you.


•	You can paint cars and add/remove things for people. No materializing of cars.
•	This includes wire keypads and E2 security systems. (These cannot kill or kick people out)
•	They will have to add you to tool gun prop protection for you to make changes to their vehicle.
•	They should then remove you from prop protection, after the Mechanic has made the changes, or you can steal it.


•	You are an expert of stealth.
•	You steal with stealth and strategy, not guns and brute force.
•	You study your target, and strike when nobody is home.
•	You cannot gang with anyone besides other robbers.

• You are the Mayor of this town.
• You create laws for the citizens to obey.
• You are not a Police Officer, you do not hunt criminals.
• You can warrant, want, and lockdown.
• No random lockdowns. All lockdowns must have a provided reason in /advert.

Secret Service Agent:
• You are the Mayor’s Bodyguard.
• You follow the Mayor’s every order.
• You may not raid. You may not base.
• If there is no Mayor you must become the Mayor.


•	You are the bum of the town.
•	You may build a SHACK not a BASE, or FORTRESS. You have a SHACK, not a multistory mansion.
•	All SHACK's must be realistic. (Not a lot of PHX)
•	You can build on the sidewalks, not the street.

Base Rules:

    • • A person may only have 2 fading doors for the entrance. This means doors not windows.
      • Fences are not permitted to be used as props!
      • When making a base, do so properly! No gaps are allowed! The picture of a minimum base entrance is the minimum size in general, meaning no gaps and none of this (or any other alternative):
      • Keypad Rules:

      • * *
      • Your keypad MUST be open for at least 8 seconds.
      • You may ONLY use 2 keypads to gain access to your base and 2 for leaving.
      • You can ONLY have 2 doors, meaning no 5 sets of doors with buttons etc.
      • You may have 1 extra keypad for a safe. However this has to be set to toggle.

      • Admin Rules:

      • * *
      • You may build with noclip. But using it as fast travel, to rob people, to reenter and exit your base or for any RP terms will result in an admin warning.
      • If someone breaks rules, please give them appropriate warnings. If you need to kick put a reason.
      • Only use !bring/!goto for ADMIN reasons. Do not use them for buying weapons etc or bringing friends.
      • You must have proof before kicking someone. Please only react on what you see. Do not kick randomly based on OOC chat.
      • All bans MUST include a reason and time. For example !ban Pantho 0 “Permanently: Being Pantho”.
      • You may not kick for “disrespect” unless the person has actually disrespected you.
      • If you are dealing with a propblock, !bring the player to the door and ask them politely to fix it. If he refuses you may remove his door. If he accepts, give him 5 minutes.
      • Do NOT ban or kick other admins unless it is a serious offense such as permbanning other admins.
      • Please respect ALL Superadmins & Root Admins!
      • Breaking any of these rules will result in an admin warning. Superadmins & Root admins reserve the right to give you warnings as they seem fit if they find your actions abusive and/or damaging the community at large.

      • Owning Doors:

      • * *
      • Make sure you buy ALL of the doors before you start building.
      • If a player owns all of the doors in a building except one, including the front door, the admin may ask the player with 1 door to sell it. If the player refuses, the admin may kick them to allow the other player to purchase the door.
      • This rule does not effect if someone owns the front door of a building. If I own the only door leading out of the building, that means that I automatically gain rights to the doors inside. The only way this rule doesn’t affect anything is if there is more than one entrance to the building.
      • You are not allowed to buy all doors and sell them like a Real Estate Agent. That’s why there is no Real Estate Agent job.

      • NLR Definition

      • NLR is an acronym for New Life Rule. New life rule is, simply stated, the rule that states if you die, you must not return to the area of your death for 5 minutes.
      • The only time that breaking NLR is acceptable, is if you are doing something that is outside of RP (Building and of the likes) and you fall off a building or smash yourself with a prop. Or if you get RDMed.
      • *
      • If you are killed in any sort of RP way, then coming directly back infringes on NLR, and will result in discipline. That includes:
      • * *
      • Getting shot or killed in an RP way.
      • Your or someone else’s printer explodes and kills you.
      • You are running from the police and fall off a building.
      • * *
      • You may /advert asking if the raiders are done raiding your base. If they respond yes, NLR expires.
      • *
      • You get the point here, if its RP at all, then dying from it begins the NLR waiting period. If you are forced to go near where you died, run immediately past, and do not stop.
      • *
      • If you are within the radius of yelling to someone (using the /y command,) you are too close, and are breaking NLR.
      • *
      • You may return to your place of death early only once the intruders or people that killed you have left or died.[/list]

      *** • Donating for admin***
      *** • You may donate for admin at £5 a month to terry tibs at 1nc you have payed message terry when he is online and he will check your payment***


  • The Admins

Really… In the help and support forum?.

Also your server isn’t even up… So I cant blacklist it

Wow another darkDM server.

Oh jezus so many rules for building! Its like if you move this one prop 2inches to the left youll get banned because it doesn allign up with prop 2b in section 1.2c

Can’t you just add it to your server so it’s banned by default?

As soon as I saw the lawyer job I laughed, seriously lawyers in RP are a stupid idea nobodies gonna listen to them.

also $5 a month? boy you crazy