My Garry's Mod Spawn Menu is Gone, How Do I Bring It Back?

I’ve been playing Garry’s Mod since New Years Day, and i downloaded some addons,models, materials, etc. but now, if I press Q to bring up the Spawn Menu, it shows only the tools section. Also, if I press Esc to bring up the Exit/Options Menu, I Can’t load a singleplayer Maps.

Here Are Some Pictures:

I Really Need to Fix This Or Else I Won’t Be Able To Play Single Player Games On Garrysmod Anymore, Please Help!

Rename your garrysmod folder (not the first one, the second one that has the addons folder inside) then boot it up. Should be fine but you’ll have to copy your custom content back :slight_smile:

List your addons please.

Does it matter what I rename it to?

Garrysmodold makes sense though.

When you rename it, the next time you open Garrysmod it creates a new version of that file which will hopefully have your old settings in. If it works then just copy all your addons and maps from the old folder to the new folder and be happy :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys, I Renamed Garrysmod, Took All My Weapon Models/Materials/etc. That I Didnt Want To Have To Re-upload And It Worked!