My garrys mod wont work

I just bought garrys mod off steam I installed it and i tried to run it it went through iniatilizing and then it completes but it just stays on teh desktop :frowning:

  1. Working steam account link
  2. Specs?
  3. Did you buy a source game with it?

Yeah you probably don’t have a Source game.

Steam is supposed to throw a bunch of warnings to you before you buy garrysmod, they should all be telling you to buy a source game with it. Did you ignore all those?

Clearly says on

I have counter strike source instalkled but on a diffrent acc i lost the pass for teh acc any ideas?

Give us a working steam account link and also, you need CSS to be on the same account as gmod.

Yeah, that doesn’t matter. Buy it or another Source game on the account you’re currently using.

It does matter cause i dont want to spend another 20 bucks an way i can switch the css to the account i currently have

You cant, heard of recovering passwords? If your able to prove you bought CSS via a CD key or a paypal thing you should be able to get your pass back, but you cant transfer it between accounts


k i bougth the game on my acc still not working but my css is updating is that why?

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i finished updating css but gmod still does not work counterstrike opens and works though so idk what wrong any more ideas?

Still need a working link to either (both) profiles

Yeah, give us a working link to your profile. I’ve asked you three times now and i’m starting to believe you don’t have a legit copy.

idk how to make a link to my profile thats why i havent but my username is butterzz359

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this maybe ?

  1. that link isn’t butterzz359
  2. that profile doesn’t own gmod.

that profile does own gmod look in the all games part and it is my profile cause i oplay tf2 just got css last night and bought gmod yesterday

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and it is butterzz359 so idk where that link took u

Just start garrysmod and it should work… (now that you have CSS)

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Also specs would be usefull if it refuse to start

Im running vista home premium
here are teh tech specs
Intel® Core™2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz
CPU Speed You Have: 2.39 GHz
RAM 3 Gigs
video card GeForce 8600 GT

i think i meet min requirments

I tried the fix it said i nthe faq but that didnt work btw

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i just found a guy wit ha video of waht exactly happens to me