My garrysmod folder is fucked up!

For some reason,every file in my garrysmod folder is read-only.Also EVERY file in it has a either a check,? or red ! over it.I scanned it for viruses and nothing came up.How can I fix this?Its getting annoying.

Can you upload a screenshot? I can’t really imagine what you mean by ! and ? on top of the folders, that sounds strange.

If you think that your computer is infected, I suggests that you run a program like this:
Create a log with that program and post it either here or on of the many forums that can help you with that.

Nonetheless, I would say that it sounds unlikely that a virus should only infect your Garrys Mod, I am guessing that this could be that work of a lua virus, you should check for those. If it’s a lua virus, you should be able to make everything not read-only (by left clicking on the folder), and simply delete your whole garrysmod folder afterwards.

Is having it read only that big of a problem?

I cant modify anything and when I try to turn it off it turns itself on again!!

How do I take a screenshot of it?

  1. Click the Print Screen button on your keyboard
  2. Open paint
  3. When you’re in paint, hold CTRL and click V
  4. Save the image
  5. Go to or a similar page and upload your screenshot
  6. Retrieve the link from imageshark and post it here
  1. write

imageshack link here

Here you go:

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Might be some virus check program?

Ill try to temporarily turn off my antivirus,see if that helps.
EDIT:Didnt work,its not an antivirus program OR a virus.
This is getting annoying :frowning:

It’s SVN. It’s what happens if you modify something from an SVN directory.

You are sure that the icons are not from some SVN auto update program?’

And are you suggesting that the dll files are from a gmod tower? I don’t think there’s supposed to be dll files there anyway.

Well,i did just install the latest Tortoise svn…


Those .dll files are from when I got Gmod Tower.


Well if Tortoise is causing you problems, I suggests you use another program like

Tortoise svn slows your pc and runs at all time in the background. But if that’s not a problem, it’s the easier way to keep your addons updated.

Not if you bring up the task manager, go to processes and end the proccess TSVNcache or something along those lines.

they most definately are svn icons. I just installed wire svn a few days ago and just checked them now. those are indeed svn.

Like that will stop it from starting next time you restart your PC.

It also injects like 6 dll files into your explorer.exe. Just so you can have a lot of spam in your context menu everywhere, and icon’s on top of the folders, all slowing your explorer.exe obviously.