My items

I just uploaded a ton of things on my garrys account and in about an hour or 2, all of my files have been reported!
All of the models that i uploaded were from somebody named S-Low. I asked him if i could put them up, and he said yes.

So my uploads arent being reported because of stealing.

If you go to my account now (, you will see that the items have all been reported. In about a day or so, all of them will be deleted. This is my second time posting them up. At first, i thought it was just some butthole who did it for fun, BUT NO! It happened again.

If somebody could tell me why they are being reported, That would be great.


Also: None of them have viruses on them because i tried them on my computer and my brothers computer and they work perfectly.

there’s your answer…

So the same person randomly did it again to me?

I don’t download reported files.

Thats good to know.

it’s possible

True That man…true…that.

Or maybe he reported them because they’re warez :downs:.


Warez means illegal, like pirated games.

It was me. Sorry.

You’re a bad man. You know that. Your breaking this young boys herd.

The reports are futile, most times a file is never removed. Just upload them every time they get removed. Model ports are rarely considered warez anyway.

It makes me feel like a big man with power :frowning:

They arent reported anymore!!!


Caps lock, such an evil man. Go say sorry and give him a cookie!

Never mind, i just checked again! They have been reported again!



Where is my cookie?

There is a reason he has a site. It may seem useless but here is an idea. Make a notepad file linking to S-low’s site and say whats on there. Then upload it to .org

S-Low’s models are for Counter Strike Source, im just making them for garrys mod.


They work in both Gmod and CSS. No rigging or anything required

People go to get all of their garrys mod downloads on, not S-Low’s website.
Im just helping him out.

Also: Not everybody knows how to put CS:S models onto garrys mod.