My Geiger counter noise is gone? Help?

Can’t hear the Geiger counter noise. Keep getting irradiated.

That’s strange, are you on the dev build?


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Just went to a rad town and heard it.

But when I was walking around in the open fields, I must have stepped into a radiation field that doesn’t play the sound or something? Idk, I was running in a field, then boom, 1000 rads

The edge of the map does that.

I had this happen to me before I while ago. I didn’t report it because it fixed its self. But this happened in any town. The radiation wasn’t effecting my screen anyways even with 1000 rads, no noise or anything else. Its not game breaking or anything, and just to make this clear it was a while ago maybe 2-3 weeks ago but it fixed itself. At the time I was on dev version. Not sure if this will help but might as well try :smiley:

If you go out of the map you insta get 1k rads.