My Gman has some problems

Yo i’m useing Gman v7.20 to install my Gmod addons but on many addons it says the file don’t have a Info.txt file and then it can’t be installed what can i do to solve this??

Get Gmod 10.

Whats that?

The latest version.

Will that solve the prolbem :))?


Thanks :slight_smile:


Where i get it?

Your Gman is having problems? WTF! You mean Gmod or no?

Anyways, what is with people using using lower and lower versions of Gmod each day. First I saw someone asking for a goremod on Gmod 9, then someone with no addons folder on Gmod 8 and now this!?

he has gmod10, Gman v7.20 is an addon installer.

If it doesn’t have an info.txt it means it isn’t an addon.

Ah thanks