My Gmod closes to desktop i.e a crash?

basically ive got a fresh install of gmod , no addons apart from gangwarsrp content which thats the only server i play on so i had to get there content instead of downloading it from the server.

here is a link to my mdmp file -

If any one can help me out on how to fix this then please do

Ive reinstalled Gmod , hl2 , CSS
ive removed all workshop addons and unsuscribed from it
ive defraged my pc and virus scanned
here are specs of my pc as well

Many thanks to any one who is able to help me fix this

You may want to verify the integrity of the game cache. There may be a missing file that did not get uploaded correctly for some reason. You could also check the addon to see if there are any errors as well but I doubt that would be the issue

ive done that intergrity of game cache :confused:

Try deleting the root GMOD folder then restarting GMOD up.

tried that and that didnt work

In your .mdmp file:

Your Garry’s Mod folder is still in (username). Follow these steps:

  1. Backup anything you want to keep and put it on your desktop (or some directory outside of Steam).
  2. Delete any garrysmod folders in steamapps/(username) or steamapps/common.
  3. Delete Garry’s Mod local content in Steam.
  4. Turn off Steam cloud sync for GMod (Right click GMod in Steam --> Properties --> Updates --> Enable Steam Cloud synchronization)
  5. Reinstall
  6. DO NOT drag back in any of your backed up files/gangwars content yet. Test if it works. If it does, drag your content back in. If it doesn’t work after that, it’s an issue with your addon.

that didnt work for me so im a try another game mode then report back

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so far its been fine , i think it might be gangwars

Either don’t play gangwars or ask the server owner what’s wrong.