My GMod crashes after map loading in Singleplayer

Simply to put,after nearly loading,my game crashes to desktop,no hl2.exe error,or anything,just to desktop.
I than disabled my addons,and tried to find out what the problem is through console and found this red text.

No such variable "$phongtint" for material "models/weapons/c_arms_citizen/c_arms_citizen_sleeves"
Error: Material "models/weapons/c_arms_citizen/c_arms_citizen_sleeves" : proxy "Clamp" unable to initialize!

Could this be a problem with addons? If it is,I don’t know which,I have about 32+ pages of addons. (GMod has lots of good addons man).
If this is solved,I’m very sorry to annoy you with this thread. But if you have any idea on this problem. Thank you

Have a nice day!

Pretty much a problem with your addons.