My Gmod does not run properly.

I’m having a little trouble working Gmod. I double click Gmod, and it starts to load.

Then it crashes and tells me something about resolution. Tf2, Portal and Half Life work perfectly fine, I got this game yesterday. I tried re-installing Gmod but nothing will work.

Can anybody help me?

If so, thanks.

Delete it from Steam, and delete the folder from Program Files > Steam > steamapps > yourusername > garrysmod

Then reinstall it.

Don’t forget to backup the maps and addons folders though.

I don’t have any custom.


I haven’t got any “new” maps, only the pregiven

Alright, don’t back anything up then. Do everything else.

I bet this kids 10 years old

Do I delete the folder “Garrysmod”


I’m sorry, but not knowing how to work a game I’m new to makes me 10 years old?

That’s what I said…

There is 2 folders. Do I delete the one saying Garrysmod (C:\

or <my name> (C:\

Dude, it’s not hard… like I said… Delete this:

Delete the garrysmod folder located in: Program Files > Steam > steamapps > yourusername > garrysmod

oh, got it, 1 mo


Ok now this kids a troll

I’m not a troll, I was confused, can’t you fucking see that?


I have it, 1 moment

Not really. Looks like you’re set though.

Anyway, thanks for the help, I’ll see if it will work this time. I hope it does.

Anyway this is the wrong section, it goes here:

I had a feeling it was in the wrong section. Sorry, I have no clue how this forum works, I’ll need to get used to it.


It didnt work.


What screen resolution would it work on?