My GMOD/Facepunch Car for APB

I understand that these are not Garry’s Mod images however, I thought the community would appreciate the advertisement I’ve been doing in “All Points Bulletin”, haha. Ejnoy…

That’s really sexy.

Also, thanks for reminding me to update APB so I can play

Get some alpha channels on that FP logo via a .png, will look A LOT better.

Well it’s free advertisement. Who would object:smile:

I could do it for ya if you want.


Why the fuck do you have the white backgrounds on those? The only way you could have gotten them is if you actually added the white background under the logo when you were putting it together, but why the fuck would you do that?
And pretty much every FP’er who plays APB puts the FP logo on their character or car somewhere.

u playing APB?
answer this:Is it true those hours thing are fees you gotta pay to play?

i just didn’t get it at all

@simkas: Very good point, I’ll put a white circle under the red circle instead of a box on the FP logo after APB is release. Don’t care much about it now since everything will be lost anyhow.

@DEMONSKUL: This game will not be pay to play (at least I haven’t heard anything about that). Steam is selling it now pre-order for $49.99 and it will be released June, 29.

What is APB.

Or just don’t put any white. Leave it so the white parts are just transparent. It’ll look a million times better on cars and clothes.

I don’t understand though hours on APB at all, like, if you have 30 hours, does that mean you can use up an hour, have 29 left over and if you don’t play it at all, are they left unchanged so when you come back to playing it, you can play for another 29 hours?


Oh yeah and good advertisement for GMod and Facepunch but you should make all the logo’s transparent and put Facepunch Studios underneath the FP Logo and Garry’s Mod 10 under the GMod logo.

Uhm. APB Looks VERY much like GTA IV…

yeah…the Facepunch gang

fail spelling failed

Why the fuck do you have a desert eagle.


Also it says Gmod on the license plate.


More like the FP Cops of San Paro