My Gmod glitches since last 3 updates!!!

Yea i know, the new derma skin looks cool, they added the extension dialog.
but due to that they have destroyed almost all of the peoples addons and contents. Here are some of my major glitches since the last 3 updates.

-First of all, all of my “” Sweps holdtypes are all pistol.
Ex: holding a snifer rifle in pistol position
holding a machine gun in pistol position

-I cant spawn any half-life 2 episode 2 content. :frowning:
Ex. Hunter(npc) showing error models
ep2 props not spawning
player models showing error models
flettche gun firing a bunch of error models
Jalopy having no engine sounds at all

And i own “hl2_ep2” on steam and having it installed.
But nothing seems to work, even if i checked up the “half life 2 episode 2” in the extension menu.

How can i fix this ? pls help!

  1. It’s the job of the swep creators to update them to work with GMod’s new lua setup (don’t ask me about this one, I have no idea).

  2. Try re-mounting Ep2. If that doesn’t work, try verifying its game cache.

But how do i re-mount Ep2 and verifying whatever it is?


About Ep2 content, I tried verifying its game cache but nothing seems to work.

You re-mount by going into Gmod Setting from the main menu of GMod, then unchecking the box for Ep2, restarting the game, re-checking the Ep2 box, restarting the game again and seeing if it’s fixed.

Also try playing Ep2 normally, to see whether or not it’s a problem with the game.

Not working :frowning: but, thanks anyway.

Go to your game right click it in the steam game when your signed on. so then right click then go to local files and try thoughs three things not the back up one but the other three.