Hey all, I would apprieciate it if someone could help me have my guns displayed as guns and not errors :slight_smile:

Errors mean that your garrysmod is missing the models for the guns, it’s a sort of default if the game doesn’t have the data.

What guns of yours appear as errors? are they supposed to be custom models, or models from a source game like counter strike or day of defeat?

Models from Counter Strike Source

get counter strike source then

I already own Counter Strike Source

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I already own Counter Strike source

Mount the game by going to the main menu and clicking the small controller icon in the bottom right corner next to the gamemode options, and check the “Counter Strike Source” box to add the content.

It wont let me mount it, even though I own Counter Strike Source.

Do you have the game installed? The game must be installed, downloaded to you PC, so your computer has access to the models and files for mounting in your game.

Of course O have installed it, I am now going to uninstall it and Re install it now, hopefully it works.

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Don’t reinstall it, just verify game cache.

I have verified it and it still doesn’t work, what the hell is wrong with this? :confused:

It’s on your end, not Garry’s Mod. If you really have a legitimately purchased Counter-Strike Source game from Steam, and you have it both in your library and installed, there is no reason why it shouldn’t allow you to mount the game with Garry’s Mod.

Only other options are to reinstall CSS, but I don’t think that’ll work. You could also verify Gmod and check if that’s the problem. Never heard of this issue before.

I have it legitimately, I know, my friends don’t know either, it’s very strange…

Post a link to your Steam profile.

My name on Steam is “ResidentPsycho47”
Send me a friend request please.

He means that link, and here.

Thankyou Steven :smiley: