My gmod has gone mental, need proffesional help

So yeah, it was about 9 days ago, I started up my gmod as normal, steam gave a little grey window that told me it was preparing its launch as usual, then the blue loading screen comes, and after barely a second, the game closes, and the hl2.exe shuts down, windows doesent give me any error messages about the programs stopping, the game just like, dissapears, I have tried defragging, veryfying the game cache, reinstalling it twice, deleting Clientregistry.blob, tried everything. :I

I play alot of gmod, gmod is like my main game, I have over 2k hours on it, and 9 days without playing, is like not getting your daily heroin. XD

Please help me. :L


Freddy Meyhoff :3

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A lot of people have been experiencing this issue lately. Is your GMod folder in /steamapps/(username) or common?

My username folder is commonly where I keep all my source games, yes. Garry’s Mod’s in my username folder. :smile:

It should be in common. Start up all the source games you own (CS:S, HL2, etc.) and convert them to the new format. Strange how you reinstalled GMod and it’s still in the (username) folder. It should be in common.

What do you mean with starting them up? Shouldnt I just drag the games into my common folder? :L

No, you need to play them in order for all of the files to convert to the new format

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And then they will change into the common folder automaticly(They should)

So, what kinds of games? :L Could you name em out so I am sure?

Any game that uses the source engine or made by valve. Also try updating your video drivers

I just said them, any source game by Valve (CS:S, HL2, EP1, EP2, DOD:S, Lost Coast, HL2:DM).

Okay well, I launched up Hl2 some hours ago, some file updater popped up and told me to wait since the game was being converted to a more effecient version, so, it went to 100% in about 2 minutes and then it was at stuck at 100% for like 20 minutes, and then I canceled it, I think it was frozen.
But then I launched my Hl2 without any problems, same with the other games, but gmod still doesent work, and my Source games still appear in my (username) folder.

Manually delete your Garry’s Mod folder, turn off Steam Cloud Synchronization, delete local content, and reinstall.