My Gmod Hud glitches

My gmod hud glitches with missing textures after about 15min of play, restarting the game fixes it for awile but it keeps happening. i have already tried a reinstall but it didnt help.


Thanks in advance

Looks like a material is missing. I dunno why it dies after 15 mins though. I suggest reinstalling all source games until it fixes itself.


  1. Your font is corrupt. Verify files.
  2. Your graphics card is starting to overheat. Not as likely unless your card sucks ass.

Thanks for your help, both of you, how do i very font files. I just found out my brothers account does the same thing. Also ive had gmod for quite a while and it only started to do it lately. its not just the font that it happens to, the crosshairs and everything goes aswell.