My GMod is completely destroyed

Hey people. Was wondering, is there any way I can completely format Garry’s Mod so that I’m left with the very bare CS, TF2, DoD and HL2 stuff and none of the mods i’ve installed whatsoever? It’s glitchy beyond belief and barely playable. All the textures are screwed, half the tools don’t work, crashes incessantly.


If Gmod is anything like counter-strike source (in the way files are setup), delete the Gmod folder.

Backup the only addons that work then reinstall :confused:
(for serious, you perhaps excedeed the addon download limit then your gmod gone fucked up as mine once)

Well the “delete local content” option didn’t really do anything. Shall I literally go ahead and
just destroy the folder, then reinstall from Steam?

Sounds like a good idea. Back up anything in that folder you want to save and kill the GMod folder. Be warned that if you have a SVN mod installed, it will take an incredibly long time to delete the folder.

Just delete the folder, and run GMod, it will re-create all the folder structure as if it were new.