My gmod is lagging =(

Ever since the new update(s) (i havent been on for a while) my frames per second has been crap.

Even when i play on SP it stays around 10 with a blank map. I have not downloaded anything new except updating my SVNs. I have no background applications running other than steam. I am currently running gmod on a Windows 7 computer, quad core i think.

Post GPU model
Use DXDiag to get proper details

I have GeForce 9400 GT
Im running gmod at 1024 x 768
Normal (4:3)

On flatgrass i get about 20 fps, still below what i used to get.
On spacebuild maps or maps like construct i get a steady 10 fps.
Im too lazy to do all that “print scrn” clipboard photobucket stuff so will this do?

Try this

My first though when I saw the thread title:
“Welcome to the world of Gmod! Enjoy your stay!”

Except that gmod should not usually lag without some cause.

Tried reinstalling, still no effect

Delete (or rename) your garrysmod folder. it’s in here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps[your username]\garrysmod

Note: It’s the second garry’s mod folder. not the one under your username.

This. Just don’t reinstall every addon, only do basic ones.

Ok i did that, i also didnt reinstall any addons. Still no effect.
I played around with settings, multi-core rendering enabled, lowered some settings. still nothing.
I noticed that when i enabled the netgraph in SINGLEPLAYER the SV reading was in red, it was about 5.5 or so. The one to the right of it was also red, about 25 ms. One of my friends tells me that this means that i have low bandwidth and that that should not be happening in singleplayer.

I went on CSS online and looked at the netgraph. My bandwidth seemed alright (sv was going between 250 and 80 or so). Whenever i went outside fo the map (spectator) and looked away from the map, i would get 100 or more fps, as soon as i looked back i would go down to 30, the closer i got the lower the fps got. During actualy play it hovered around 10, even going down to 8 at lowest.

Any background processes that might be sapping your PC speed?

nope, taskmanager is showing 3% of CPU being used right now. i dont have anything else except steam running at the moment

Im also getting low fps in hl2:ep2 and ep1

Tried updating your video drivers?

yup, downloaded the newest series 9 driver from nvidia

DirectX version 11
Driver version Released 6/7/2010 DDI Version 10
GeForce 9400 GT

Honestly, ive got no fucking clue whats wrong.
Reading this topic and it looks like you tried the most obvious ways to fix it.
Ive got no suggestions on how to fix this problem, sorry.

well i guess ill just have to wait till valve or garry decides to fix it.

I noticed something, steam keeps saying that it just finished downloading CSS / Gmod every time i take my computer out of standby or restart it. Sometimes when i exit either one it says that it has finished downloading it.

Having the same problem with Alien Swarm