my Gmod is ungodly bright...

first time on these forums but i hope i can get some help( sorry if this is in the wrong place)

I’ve downloaded, and re-downloaded multiple times. brightness is set to minimum, bloom is off, and for some reason my Gmod is so bright it’s about to make my eyes bleed… can anyone give me a hand? here’s a pic

As you can see… (probably hurts your eyes as well) my Gmod is WAY to bright… I’ve had Gmod back when it was at Gmod9 and never had this problem, anything I can do to fix it? Thank you very much!

Try turning off HDR.

This happens to me (just not as bright). I fixed it by turning HDR off (it seems to turn it self back on randomly though).
HDR worked fine before the engine update so I guess that changed something.

This is with HDR set to none, assuming HDR is High Dynamic Range.

anything else that can be causing this?

mat_fullbright 0

I have no idea what that means, or what to do with it… haha

Check it in console (enable console if you haven’t first.) Also make sure pp_bloom is set to 0 in the console too. As once all my settings were fine in the menu but in console my bloom was still on for some reason.

It’s not full-bright, see the shadows near the walkway over the lake?

…The developer console? You really don’t know what that is, do you?
Anyway, Go to advanced keyboard options and tick “Developer Console”. Now you can open the console using the or ~ key. When you have it open, type in sv_cheats 1. Make sure you're playing singleplayer. Once you have it typed in, press enter. Then type "mat_fullbright 0" and press enter. To get out of the developer console, press again or press the escape key. That should fix it.

EDIT: Actually, go with Emz’s idea. Instead of typing in “mat_fullbright 0”, type “pp_bloom 0”

i do know what the developer console is, I’m not a complete idiot just didn’t know that’s what you wanted me to put that in. I tried everything you said a few times, still nothing happened

ShaderAPIDX8::CreateD3DTexture: Invalid color format!

could that mean anything? its showing up in my console, thanks for all the help so far everyone.
and i noticed its only outside that’s extremely bright, inside buildings is still normal

Im guessing it has something to do with DirectX, “DX8”.
Though Im just guessing.

Try updating your DirectX maybe?

By looking at the quality of the screenshot, I would say his graphic card does not support something higher than DirectX 8, so updating it won’t do anything (and he may have DX9+ already anyway).

well that probably means my graphics card is crap… great now gmod was a waste of money hahaha

im getting my gmod a bit like that but its not as bright but has bright spots

Add autoconfig on GMod startup commands.

Might be a dumb question, but how do I do that?

Oh dear.

Steam >> Garrys Mod >> Options >> Launch Parameters >> -autoconfig

Do you have bloom on? I have had similiar effects when i have had bloom on.
Try to disable it.

I THINK I did it right, but I still have the same problem… and at the guy saying to turn bloom off, read my first post saying it is off?

thanks for all the help so far everyone

What video card are you running?