My Gmod isn't working

I bought Gmod about two weeks ago along with HL2 and have been playing it frequently. Now whenever I try to start Gmod, a message pops up saying: Steam Startup() failed: Steam Startup(0xf,0x0018e584) Failed with error 1: failed to take master pipe connection lock. I removed my Gmod folder from the profile folder and started Gmod to make another Gmod folder in the profile folder but that didn’t work. I have Windows 7 premium 64 bit, intel core 2 duo processor t6600, 4GB ddr3 RAM, 400GB HDD, NVIDIA geforce GT 230m graphics.

I hope this is the info you need to help, this is the first time some thing like this has happened to me so help would be greatly appreciated.

Try defragging the files

Delete clientregistry.blob in the Program Files\Steam folder and restart Steam.

All you have to do is restart Steam.
However, since it’s been 16 hours since you posted the thread, I’m guessing that one way or another, you already have.
Just remember that for future reference.

How about a steam account link?

This has nothing to do with whether or not he has pirated GMod.
This is an error that legitimate users can get with no warning, and can be very easily solved.


Actually, after searching J226 in Steam, I came up with this.
If this is him, then either he’s playing GMod on a different account, or he doesn’t own GMod.

However, it still stands that the error in question happens to legit Steam users every now and then.

I restarted steam and now its working again. Thanks for the help.