My Gmod Machinima account

Hello Everyone!
Recently I opened myself a gmod account, as I learned how to Stop Motion with it.

So, here it is. What do you say?
What should I improve in? I know the jokes aren’t really funny, it’s because I’m not really funny as well.

The smoothness of the animation is surprisingly good.
Just work on the jokes a bit, and make it unique. There’s tons of TF2 stopmotion directors.

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Oh and you should stop with the videos being about random stuff. It’d be cool if you followed a series, like “The daily life of Heavy” or something like that.

True, true, but I never seem to have good jokes.
If someone gives me any good jokes, I’ll make a video out of them and credit that… Someone. :smiley:

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About the random stuff note, I’ll do that.
But geez, there’s so many series about Heavy’s life, it’s amazing.

I like em.

Make a series about your own life. Get someone who knows how to use Photoshop and ask for a skin er two. No big deal. C’maan.