My gmod npc's are messed up!

My combine and rebel npc’s just stand there with they’re arms out and don’t move, also my running zombie entities do this when they go to attack you.

More specific:
Working: Alyx, Barney, All the animals and zombies/aliens,Striders, turret, etc.

Broken:Combine soldier, shotgunner, elite, prison and sniper. Rebel, medic, citizen and refugee.

Things that didn’t help: Checking and unchecking the disable ai box, Typing unfreeze_npc in the console (or something like unfreeze_npc.) and giving them a different weapon.

Please help, this has been going on for a while.

List addons.

Are you trying to arm them with a custom weapon?
If so they will go into a T pose, not always but that can be the case.